Starbucks Snowman Cookies

awake AGAIN

Starbucks Snowman CookiesWoke up to pee, couldn’t fall back asleep. The wind is really blowing outside, off and on, the changes in air pressure are causing my front door to rattle.

So what better thing to do than jump over on the couch with a big glass of super cold milk, a Starbucks War on Christmas Cookie and an episode of Thunder Birds are Go!?

I won’t be talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet. I am saving that as Doctor Stone and I will be doing a Star Wars episode coming up on the Tuque and Beanie. Once the holidays are over and life is back to “normal”, what ever that means.

If you want to contribute to the upcoming discussion on Tuque and Beanie about Star Wars, please visit our website and either send us a voice message using the Speak Pipe plugin or drop us an email.

We will be focusing on The Force Awakens but of course the discussion will be all Star Wars.

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