Here is what is going on with me...

busy busy BUSY

Today ended up being a really busy day, especially since I was only able to catch about 2 hours of sleep.

Mind you I would like to say that I think I was pretty productive when I finally gave up on tossing and turning and got out of bed and started working on projects.

First and best news of the day was that I was going to get to spend the day with Austin, my little buddy.

He arrived early in the morning, just when I was going to crawl back into bed to see if I could sneak 20 minutes of shut eye before having to get up.

Didn’t get any sleep.

Went to the doctor today. Had some blood work done, to check on my liver.

Why we are concerned about the liver is because one of the medications I take is extremely bad for the liver.

We are trying to slowly get me off this medication; however the process is not without complications.

Anyway liver tests were very good and so it seems like getting me off the meds is a good thing and should the symptoms reappear we will go the surgical route instead of trying the medications again.

Did a lot of walking today. Again. My back and feet hurt!

Got to swim again today, water was damn cold. That was NOT good, but I pulled through.

Then spent the night working on prepping for Pride48 Weekend.

Basically just wanted to share the liver news with you.

Please sponsor us for the Pride and Remembrance Run.

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