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lady with the STINK EYE

Stink EyeI just finished recording an episode of Tuque and Beanie with Doctor Stone and came out on the balcony and it was really nice out.

Warmed up a bit, the wind died down, the fog is rolling in and the Canada Day fireworks are going off in the distance.

I can’t see them from my balcony, just the flash being diffused in the fog. I could go up to the roof top deck but I fear there will be nothing buy asstards up there.

I thought I would take the chance to sit out here and finish the story about the elevator incident yesterday afternoon.

The much anticipated elevator arrived and lo and behold the Resident Manager gets off the elevator and is happy to hold the doors for douche bag on her scooter to get on the elevator.

He then proceeds to marshall us in depending on the amount of space left in the elevator.

He shouts out, “Room for a Single Person!”

So beingi that I am the next single person in line I make a move, but I can’t because #1 the lady with the stink eye pushes her way from the back of the line past me and gets in my way and #2 the doors had been open for so long that the progamming forced them shut.

I had enough! I was mad!

I asked the woman, loud enough so everyone she pushed past could hear what I was saying, “Why do you think it is appropriate for you to push past all the people that have been waiting here before you, so that you can get on the elevator?”

Her response, “No one was moving.”

“There wasn’t time, as the doors were closing and you trampled over everyone to get up to the front of the line.”

She just stood there. So I started here down. She gave me stink eye and so I said, “You can keep on breathing and giving me that look but you are NOT getting on the elevator before anyone else that was in line before you does.”

She did not like that. Seemed to have twisted her panties even more. Did I give a fuck?

Button Panel in ElevatorNope.

Now one of the other residents asked the resident manager why there was only one elevator available during rush hour. (Remember we have four but one is out of service being replaced)

The response from the resident manager was, “Shut Up!” and walked away.

The resident asked, “what kind of answer is that?”

The response he got as the Resident Manager walked away was, “Shut up!” and he just flipped off his hand like he was swatting a fly!


Special thanks to Richard Ryder for talking me through the ordeal!

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