love on all 4 LEGS

SAD NEWS I have to share with you. My little 4 legged buddy wasn’t able to over come all his complications and his Papa made the decision this afternoon that it was time for us to let him go.

I didn’t spend too much time with Austin but the days that he came to hang out with his “cool uncle” were always a blast.

We would cuddle in bed and sleep in. Roll around and play. He would follow me around the apartment, probably was closer to me than my own shadow.

Was always adorable to see him struggle to sit all pretty on the slippery hardwood floors.

He definitely had a quirky personality.

I loved our walks, or I should say “walks” together. He would peter out pretty quick. He would just plop down when he was done. I ended up carrying him most of the way.

No cough cough sputter sputter like your car running out of gas, nope he would just plop down.

One of the best things he would do while we were waiting for the light to change at the street corner. He would sit on my foot. I guess he didn’t like setting his popper down on the side walk!

I read once where a child explained why dogs don’t live as long as people do.

He simply said that all dogs know how to do is love, love, love. So they get the job that they are supposed to do done a lot faster and it takes people a lot longer to learn that lesson.

I take comfort in the fact that the universe brought a bundle of furry energy, love and laughter into my life for a little while. Especially when I was going through a really dark time.

My heart is broken for Colin, having to nurture and hope and watch as Austin was on a constant roller coaster. The emotional exhaustion of that I can not even imagine.

It is no secret this has been a shit year but we all gotta keep on keeping on.

Oh and one more thing…this little bugger’s farts could peel the paint of the anything!

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