Downtown Toronto during a Thunderstorm


Fell asleep early tonight, with no State of the Station, I had come home from being over at UrbanGuyTO’s took some pain killers for my shoulders and laid down on a hot water bottle.

I was out like a light.

Woke up about 2 hours ago, thought I would watch a movie and see if I would relax and fall back asleep.

Nope, The Box Trolls were too damn cute. Enjoyed the film.

Then the best part started.

Downtown Toronto during a ThunderstormThe massive storm that we kept hearing about, finally arrived.

Intense lightning and thunder and without any delay the sky just opened up and dumped the rain.

Sadly, it is not as warm as I would love it. If it was warmer I would curl up outside on my lounger and watch the storm and maybe even fall asleep.

There is so much water coming down that you can see the rain sheeting across the road right under my apartment.

The road is at a slight decline to get under the over pass and with the refelection from the street lights you can see the water sheeting.

[This is exactly the same place the car smashed into the light standard a few nights ago.]

Spooky but tonight I was noticing there is hardly any traffic, perhaps that is a good thing.

So there you have it. Wide awake and can’t be all that upset about it.

I love thunderstorms!

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