milestone ACHIEVED

Today I reached a milestone, one that I have not been able to achieve since I started to log my steps and actually work at trying to reach my goal of no less than 70 000 steps over 7 days.

Weekly Pedometre Report

This is a constant rotating average so I have to be on my toes and since I have not been feeling well for most of time, this is a goal that has not been easy to reach.

You can see that after forcing myself to be very active over the weekend, Monday and Tuesday were very tough days, but I did it!

Tomorrow, well I just looked at the clock and it is past midnight so…later today, my day will start off right away with a 3 kilometre walk with UrbanGuyTO as we participate in the Pride & Remembrance Run and Walk for 2015. Please donate.

Today was a very busy day as UrbanGuyTO and I went to get the supplies and refreshments for the Open House that he always holds at his house for close friends to come and drop by to grab a drink, freshen up and use aƂĀ real toilet, while they have been enjoying the Pride Parade and the Street Festival.

Grocery Shopping Pride 2015I have been helping with the Open House, I like to think of myself as a co-host but really I am just a glorified house boy, refreshing beverages, cleaning up used plates and napkins etc. It has always been a fun afternoon.

Sadly, tomorrow’s weather will be absolute shit so I am not sure we will be able to get out much at all.

Right after the Run/Walk a Weather Advisory has been issued for the Toronto area and much of the Street Festival will not be happening.

I remain hopeful that it will be nice out because I would like to get 7 green bars on my screen capture and get rid of those red ones!

Stay tuned! I will be sure to take a screen capture tomorrow after midnight and share with you what my new 7 day average is.




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