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movie review PITCH PERFECT 2

Saw Pitch Perfect 2 last night with UrbanGuyTO.

Loved it.

I did go on record to say that I didn’t think the story was as good as they first movie; however if this had been the first movie and a second came out, I would definitely be drawn in to watch the sequel.

Thoroughly entertained with funny bits, great singing and the odd awkward and inappropriate lines from some of the characters.

We went to an early showing, which was good because there were not a lot of people there so we had the pick of our seats.

Plus the whole evening cost us a whopping $0.90 because we had a coupon that was for 2 seats, 2 drinks and one popcorn. We paid extra for what they call “butter”.

What are you going to do after college?

I am going to travel through time.

Loved some of the quick one liners, especially from the spooky Asian female character, Lilly, played by Hana Mae Lee and of course Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy had me in stitches.

I don’t think there was quite enough of the boys in this film though.

I do have a soft spot for Adam DeVine because he is a cutey and can pull of dork really well, I am a little bit on the fence with him right now.

Recently, I saw that he and two other male actors put together a video in where 3 straight guys party, get drunk and pass out together on the same bed.

When they wake up it is basically one big homophobic hot mess.

While their approach was comedic, homophobia veiled in comedy is still homophobia. However, one could argue that just because Brian Cox played Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, in the TV-Mini Series, Nuremberg, does not make him a Nazi sympathizer.

A discussion for another time.

I really did like that credits, if you have not gone to the movie YOU MUST stay for the credits, not just for the sexy pose that Adam DeVine does, but the little comedy skit they do with the crew of “The Voice”.

Definitely worth going to see!

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