Austin Wanting a Nap

my little BUDDY had a bad day

My little Buddy, Austin, had a really rough day yesterday.

He’s not been feeling well. He’s been anemic and we have not been able to figure out why for sure.

He got better for a bit but then started to show signs of fatigue and a lack of interest in anything but snuggles and naps.

Now I can think of worse things then snuggles and naps. Like the little pee puddles on the balcony.

Yesterday was a trip to the specialist with his Pappa. I awaited the news.

Austin was taken in for exploratory surgery.

They suspected there was something wrong with his bowels.

Seems there was. They removed about 5% of his bowel as they found some scaring.

What looked like the leftovers from a bacterial infection.

austin in the grass
No sign of any infection remaining. Just the scarring so that is hopefully good news.

So all things going well, he will be home on Sunday. Maybe Monday.

Wearing his cone of shame!

I am hoping that all he notices is that his balls are gone.

Hang in there lil buddy.


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