new PHOTO of new TTC streetcars

Today I was surprised with an adventure with UrbanGuyTO.

I didn’t think today was going to amount to much as the weather was looking rather dissmal this morning when I awoke.

What started out as having company while I was trying to get my “steps” in for the day, turned into going down to the Harbourfront for lunch and to see if we could catch one of the new streetcars.

Oh and UrbanGuyTO wanted to try out his Presto card since the TTC is promising to have that service in place by next year. (Believe it when I see it)

Truly, it was a fantastic day.

I have stories to share with you but for right now just wanted to share the photos I snapped today from our trip on the new streetcar.

A pretty sexy vehicle if you ask me.

Although it was very annoying that so many people that were in the downtown core, visiting from the burbs, don’t know what it means that you can board the streetcar at all of the doors; because you have to either have Proof of Payment on you for random inspection, pay using one of the multiple machines aboard the train to obtain your Proof of Payment or just tap your Presto card.

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