Cleaned plate

out on an ADVENTURE  

Forced myself to head out on an “adventure” today. I am trying to test my strength and endurance with the upcoming change to my meds and after having such a rough week last week.

Furthermore, this heat that I love so much is hard on my body but I won’t complain. I live for summer.

Anyway, I wanted to activate my Presto card for public transit so I went the super long way out to Chinatown just to get fruit.

It’s cheaper out there and tends to not come from refrigerated trucks so I find it last longer on the shelf at home.

Hit Kensington Market to get my grey military gym shorts and could not resist an Empanada. I did resist the Churro though.

Just have to say it was pure perfection.

I was introduced to Jumbo Empanadas 10 years ago when I moved to Toronto and it’s a regular destination for me as often as I can get there.

So, so yummy. Just be sure you can sit outside in summer. Otherwise you’ll swear yourself down to a mere puddle.

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