photos from the past

A while back I did a search for images that would be applicable for the post where I quoted an African proverb.

As I was scrolling through the selection of photos on Google Images I was shocked to come across some photos of an obscure out of the way beach that I would go swimming at when I was in Cameroon.

This beach was near a little town and the Chief of the village was good friends with the local pastor that we were staying with.

The Chief and the Pastor had come across a fallen tree and the Chief took the chance to share how to build a dug out canoe.

One day day while it was just myself and the Pastor (who I am leaving nameless because I really don’t need those two worlds colliding here) we decided to take the canoe out over to the little island in the photo below.

The island, called Nikel Island I believe, was a Danish slave trading post. We found  super old rusted iron canons and other evidence that something was there at one point.

Was pretty cool and also very intense while thinking about all the history on that little island and how what happened there played a role in what our world is today.

We thought we would circle the small island and well that wasn’t a good idea at all.

Storm started to blow in and the tide was going out and we just couldn’t fight the current. Stressful.

Not only do I have these great memories and as you know we made it back but you could see the places, on my shoulders, ears and thighs, that got sunburnt so bad for a whole year.

I would love to go back and see how things have changed but won’t ever happen in my life time.

I will not travel to a country where it’s illegal to be a homosexual.

One thing that’s important to note is that when we left the country my camera and film were confiscated by government security forces so all my photos are in my head.

Seeing these photos below is like downloading the images right from my memory.

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