Pride and Remembrance



I really did not expect to be taking part in the Pride & Remembrance Run for 2015 but this afternoon I received an email informing me that UrbanGuyTO had registered me for the run this year.

Saw him later on this evening and we went for a swim and he pointed out to me that it is important that we keep up our traditions of going to do the Run/Walk and even more so this year.

Pride and RemembranceSo I would love to have your support as I go into this run this year.

While the focus of this run is for HIV and HIV related causes and it is very important we ensure these causes continue to move forward.

Yet, this year my motivation, will be completely disconnected from HIV causes and will be in memory of my good bud PKK who tragically died just a couple months ago.

Please click here to make your donation.

Thanks so much for your support.

Love you heaps!

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