STAR WARS rebels S02E01

PosterWatched the first episode of Season 2 the other night, enjoyed it.

Of course I am a huge fan and think it is brilliant that we are getting to see some of the story lines in between the big movies.

Fills in a few of the gaps.

I will say that I was a little disappointed in some of the “traps” that are always coming up in the series.  One would think that we would be looking for “tracking” devices by now!

Spoiler Alert

Was really cool to see Darth Vader’s appearance.  He looks small. While yes I guess Anakin was young’ish but he just seems smaller than I think he should be. Or something like that?

Also was really cool to see an all growed up Asohka…going to be very interesting to see what she contributes to the rebellion.

Seems like Calrissian is also starting to make his mark…woohoo

Looking forward to seeing tonight’s episode!

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