Gino and Jesse

the amazing race CANADA

The Amazing Race Canada has started up again and I am watching it. Through some magical feats my good friend Big Fatty of Big Fatty Online is watching it with me.

I wanted to get his insight on the first 2 episodes so we sat down and had a little chat about it.

Even if you are not watching it you may find it fun to listen in on this chat.

If you are watching the show, be careful as we do talk about Episode 1 & 2 in this conversation.

There really is no rhyme or reason to the conversation we have, we are all over the place…it is just fun to talk about.

Share any of your thoughts with us below.

Gino and Jesse
The Montani Brothers [Credit: CTV]
Disclaimer: Some of the language used in this episode may not be understood by everyone.  Hopefully, I remember every term that was used and explain it below.  Feel free to ask any questions.

  1. The Big Run = The Amazing Race
  2. Northern Mexico = Canada
  3. Quiz Programs = Reality Television Shows
Montani Brothers
Gino and Jesse finally got the dance on their sixth attempt as Susan and Sharnjit arrived. [Credit: CTV]

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