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the turnipHed awakens

It is shortly after 06:00 and I have been awake for a couple hours. I slept most of yesterday, but still went to bed rather early. Woke up around 02:00 with a killer headache.

Got up. Took some acetaminophen and then stared up at the ceiling listing to the cars drive in the rain for a while. Got frustrated and grabbed my iPad and did some reading.

Part of the reason, I am guessing, as to why I am not feeling sleepy, is because today at 11:00 UrbanGuyTO is taking me to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I am so excited.

I haven’t seen a Star Wars film on the big screen since Return of the Jedi so this anticipation makes my excitement all that more intense.

I have managed to keep myself isolated enough to have not heard anything about the story, so I am walking in with zero expectations.

Let’s see what happens…

BB-8 Droid

While I have been reading I have been slowly telling myself in the back of my head that I am going to take a short nap before I must get up and start getting ready. Fingers crossed that works!

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