Dudes watching TV


It is the season where we are going to be and have been dealing with season and series finales for the shows we have been watching.

This week I watched a few season finales and to be honest the ones that ended in cliff-hangers annoyed me and I seem to have blocked from my memory what happened during the episode.

I just finished a season of one show that actually didn’t end in a cliff-hanger and I feel good…I am not annoyed.

While I think about being annoyed…just a side note here, I am so annoyed when a show takes a huge hiatus mid-season.

Makes it really hard to get back into the show and being dedicated to keep watching.

So I am actually really curious what other people think or what your preferences are…

Do you want to be left hanging or would you rather just tidy things up a bit and enjoy that break before things start up again?

Now I am not noting any of the shows that brought on this post; I am trying to be diplomatic.

On another side note; there are some hot #squirrelTS on Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel) this season.

Also I am curious is there anything to look out for this summer?

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