walkabout JOURNEY

As mentioned in my previous post, “Sore Feet“, I went on a walk last night.

This was an organized event through the LGBT Social Group I am a member of. I joined the group because UrbanGuyTO was a member and was getting to do a lot of fun stuff.

This was a walk that took us from the Church Wellesely Village all the way across the Don Valley to the Dairy Queen over on Broadview avenue.

This was a huge undertaking for me but I was determined to push myself a bit, as I have been now and then, to try and be more active and put a little pressure on my heart to get stronger and better at pumping without going all crazy and having a temper-tantrum.

I made it and so I treated myself to a “Hot Eat” and a “Cool Treat”.

I even walked home with UrbanGuyTO making the entire trip just under 12km. YIKES.

Was a gorgeous night for it.  Sadly a lot of my photos turned out blurry for some reason, maybe there was an idiot taking the photos?

Here is what I have to share with you.

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