View from the balcony

wanna get WET?

View from the balconyWoke up this afternoon, yes I said afternoon, to a massive downpour outside. Thunder was awesome.

First time I recall hearing thunder this year. It makes me smile because it means summer is here.

Time for the earth to warm up!

Snapped a shot of the view from my balcony during the deluge.

You slept until the afternoon?

Why yes I did.

I could not fall asleep last night, I was tossing and turning, got frustrated and then got a headache.

Managed to fall asleep around 05:00 but around 07:30 the Police were knocking on my door to ask questions.

Half asleep I opened the door and there was a cop standing there.

“Sorry to wake you Sir, did you happen to hear anything unusual last night?”

“Um no..seemed pretty quiet last night.  Was awake until about 5. What happened?”

The officer stumbled over his words, “Some one passed away in the unit above you.”

“Sorry to say I don’t have any information that could help you.”

“No worries Sir, can I just ask your contact information in case we need to contact you again? Again, sorry for waking you up.”

No he was not cute, he wasn’t my type.

Great! Fucking fantastic!

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