what podcast REVOLUTION

Podcast RevolutionI saw this photo in my Twitter feed and I was really confused.

What Podcast Revolution?

I have been listening to podcasts since, well I think since they started production.

I remember it being summer, I was living in Calgary and I had just upgraded the latest version of iTunes.

I, of course, started off by looking for “gay” podcasts and was disappointed that I couldn’t find as many as I was hoping for.

I remember starting out with; Archerr Radio, Drink ’til We’re Funny and Feast of Fools.

I encountered way more frustrations with trying to get the podcasts on to my MP3 player, then I wasa willing to deal with, and bit the bullet and bought my first iPod. Way back when they had a “wheel” and touch screen was not available yet.

Fast forward up to today and I know use my iPhone in place of my iPod, now carrying only one device in my pocket and have over 25 podcasts in my play list on top of being a host on 2 podcasts. Tuque and Beanie and The Voice of turnipStyle.

So what is this “revolution” about? I honestly don’t get it.

But as I am writing this I am wondering if it would be better said to call it the “Podcast Evolution”?

In my vocabulary a revolution suggests that there is a circle and we come back to the same point where we started from.

The podcast is not some new invention but it has grown or evolved into an effective communication medium.

No longer just a personal journal, where you can be a sort of audio-voyeur, with us listening in on some person’s day to day life details, hobbies or other interests.

Now the podcast is a communication tool used for education, comedy, entertainment. Across the board they are produced by hobbyists and major media companies affording even the smallest production the ability to reach just as many listeners as any other podcast.

So again, I don’t see an revolution here but an evolution instead.

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