Lemon and Lime


Lemon and LimeWithout a doubt, and I am perfectly willing to admit this, I love my kitchen gadgets. I LOVE THEM, if there is a gadget for it – I must have it!

Hence, I got myself the Tru-Chef Lemon Slicer and I love it!

Plus it gave me the opportunity to try out this Product Review plug in, I am curious how it would work on my other projects

Super easy to use – slice the ends off of the lemon or lime, so that they can balance up right, drop them in the guard and slide the blades down.

Note: If you wear glasses, do take them off or don’t look directly down or you will be cleaning your glasses, constantly – just don’t hurt yourself

The little slicer is only 3.5 inches tall so it easily tucks away when not in use. That has not happened for me yet, it is constantly in use so it is always on the counter.

For those of you that have a dishwasher, this is dishwasher safe.

What are you waiting for? Get slicing!  You will have 8 perfectly sliced wedges and all your friends will be so impressed with your cocktails.

Don’t tell them our secret.

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