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Kevin KellerSometimes it is funny and oh so true that things have a way of righting themselves.

I am loving the changes that have been happening with the franchise and the irony of my childhood.

The irony is that Archie was the only comic that I was allowed to read as a child growing up.  All the other comics were the work of the devil.

Yet I grew up in an extremely homophobic family. To this day my Grandfather feels that through prayer I can be fixed.

Now, look at what is happening in the world of Archie, the one place my family thought was pure enough for me to grow up in.

Being young I didn’t question my authority figures, my grandfather was a pastor, if he said the sky was purple I was going to say the sky was purple. I didn’t want to go to hell. [tpic_pullquote align=”right”]Ironically, one time, when I was about 7 maybe 6 years old, my grandfather and I were working in the garage together. Well he was working and I was just banging nails into a 2×4 that I was allowed to “mangle”.

My grandfather’s hand slipped and he smashed his thumb and bursting from his lips was the word “SHIT”! I thought right then and there the earth was going to open up and I was going straight to hell![/tpic_pullquote]

Recently on my podcast, The Voice of turnipStyle, we talked about the changes that were going on with the Archie comics franchise. Jughead has officially ‘come out’ as asexual.

Archie Christmas ClassicsFurther, during this discussion we talked about how the world of Archie now includes characters who; aren’t white, we have a gay dude, Kevin Keller, and other changes that are happening with the franchise.

Maybe changes isn’t the right word, advancements may be a better word or maybe we should just call it a “solid grasp on reality”.

Anyway the reason I am writing this is I wanted to share the giggle with you and because part of me wishes my Grandmother was still around to witness these changes. She being the most staunch, racist, homophobic, hypocritical and self-righteous of the entire family.

I am just really loving the irony and would love to know what her reaction would be today.

I do urge you to follow the link over to read about the “Triumphant Return of Kevin Keller“, it was a really good interview with the the Writer-Artist Dan Parent.

Special thanks to my buddy Nico for bringing this story to my attention and my apologies for a “not very well written post”.

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