Mississauga Glass Towers

concrete RATTLES?

Mississauga Glass TowersMost of you reading this will know that I live in a high rise building in downtown Toronto.

One of the MANY tall buildings in downtown Toronto. Giving some credence to the term “Concrete Jungle” when people refer to Toronto.

So how is it that, while the winds outside are extremely intense right now, my building is creaking and making noises that I have never heard before.

Holy fuck – it is crazy.

I have had to move my stuff that is out on the balcony, furniture and such, into the other corner to protect it, yet even though I have a protected balcony my sliding glass doors are rattling…

Is this part of that Lamb/Lion shit?

If this is the Lion he can fuck off and let me sleep!

As for the photo I have used here, this is not where I live, these are out in Mississauga, a municipality neighbouring Toronto and that makes up the GTA.

But these are called the Marilyn Monroe condos and you can read more about them here.


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