KFC CouponsAfter a conversation with Ed & Robert that only further fueled my craving for KFC after my last post; I headed out with coupon in my pocket and got myself on the subway and street car and headed to KFC.

Sadly, it wasn’t as good as I was hoping it to be.

Firstly, the restaurant was a disgusting mess; tables were slimy and gross from the previous diners, the garbage cans were full.

It was clear that the restaurant was drastically under staffed.

[tpic_pullquote align=”left”]I even have friends that are vegetarian but they love KFC gravy so much that they would never miss a chance to consume it, nearly drinking it if they could.[/tpic_pullquote]Not lacking in any way in friendliness and determination but maybe 2 more people would have been a huge benefit.

I got the 4 piece and fries with a gravy; I always have fond memories of  KFC gravy.

It was BLAND.

Chicken was tasty and the skin seasoned to perfection; fries were hot and crisp.

Gravy left me really wanting more; feeling like I had not really satisfied the experience that was part of my craving.

I am still glad I went otherwise who would know how much other stuff I would have eaten trying to satisfy my craving.

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