Elevator Lobby Report

elevator REPORT

Elevator #4 is still not operational; however my “building husband“, Neighbour Chris, messaged me with the photos below plus a photo of the notification letter, posted late of course.

Usually while waiting for the elevator, there are notices put up next to the call buttons. This is what I am referring to here when I mention notification letter.

I am not going to post the letter, there is too much sensitive information on it, and as well all know from the Roll-Up-The-Rim scandal of 2016; it is very dangerous to post critical and sensitive information on line.

However the letter is dated Monday, we are now Wednesday, and what had been posted in the hallways, over the weekend was a notice regarding; Fire Alarm Testing on Tuesday and No Water between 09:00 & 17:00 Wednesday.

Water is still running FYI and it is 16:00

Guess they aren’t that smart to realize that just by back dating the letter doesn’t mean it came out on that date…

So I am looking forward to this debacle…stay tuned

If you want to hear the back story about my “building husband,” I would invite you to listen to Tuque and Beanie Episode 38 where I explain it all.

I am very curious if we are going to get rid of the ugly “faux forest” scene that is part of the lobby? Everyone hates it..just saying!

You can take a quick look at the “faux forest” in the piece I wrote; Scooters in the Lobby, which still happens with great regularity I might add.

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