Drip Coffee



Drip CoffeeToday was the first cup of coffee from the new bag of beans that I bought yesterday. What an amazing cup of coffee.

[tpic_quote cite=”turnipHed”]When I was little I used to be a bit of a Mamma’s boy; I would take my mother her coffee in the morning. She thought it was because I was being a gentleman, a helpful and dedicated son.  Each morning I would take her a mug of coffee filled about 75%.

She thought for a long time I did that because I didn’t want to spill the coffee on the way to her. Not exactly, I drank a couple gulps on the way. Even though I was too young to drink coffee.  Which makes me question why we don’t let kids drink coffee?   “No you’re too young! Here have a Coke instead!”[/tpic_quote]


3 thoughts on “FRESH COFFEE

    1. I have just about every means to make coffee here at home except an old fashioned peculator.

      I can give you Espresso, Drip (as pictured above), Vietnamese, French Press and a crappy little 4 cup coffee maker that sits in the back of the closet..

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