Pain Killers

i cried UNCLE

I couldn’t take the pain, it had increased exponentially over night and while the antibiotics have started their work on the infection, the damage is too much that pain killers had to be employed.  

I had walked back home this morning, because I forgot to pack socks. (What is wrong with me?)

The wind was so cold that it sent me around the bend. Past my threshold.

If given a choice I would take 200 joules to the chest w/o the usual meds, versus enduring this tooth pain.

Within 20 minutes of taking the pain tablet and my third dose of antibiotics I feel much better!

I no longer want to bang myself over the head with the cast iron frying pan.

Hopefully the hospital will call me on Monday about when they can get me in for the surgery to extract the tooth, and I am hopeful they say they have space on Tuesday!

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