Star Wars


Fell asleep a couple hours ago…

When I say I fell asleep I mean I went out cold like a light bulb. I didn’t even rollover.

Now, I am wide awake.


Guess it’s time for a movie…

Star Wars

Join me for a movie?

2 thoughts on “I MAY BE FUCKED

  1. Spent $9.00 for the evening showing, $17.50 for large popcorn, large slushie, and Milk Duds. Coughing dude sat a few seats from me and Miss Busy was texting thru out the movie. Didn’t care for this movie. Walked to my car to find empty beer bottle on my hood and one toppled over spilling beer down my hood.

    1. I had to watch it more than once to figure out what I felt about the movie…the first time I was not happy; I saw too many similarities between it and other movies.

      Then I watched it a second time and I saw more of the story.

      I have since watched it about 5 times and I love the movie and the story and do not at all feel the way I felt after the first time.

      The texting bit is annoying; that is something I have never seen up here.

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