Elevator Waiting Area (2)

it’s ELEVATOR waiting TIME

Button Panel in ElevatorIt is not news that I have been experiencing elevator difficulties in my building since moving in.

Everything from being mildly inconvenienced to utter complete failure and zero elevator service for weeks.

You may recall that the installation of new elevators is underwear and 2 out of the 4 are complete, 3rd one is almost complete and hopefully the 4th will be under way ASAP.

HOWEVER; there is a problem.  [Of fucking course]

The new elevators are one a different “computer system” that conflicts with the old system and as such that is the reason the new elevators do not answer calls from the floors for service.

The only seem to answer calls from the; lobby, pool deck and penthouse levels.

What this means is that there is ONLY ONE elevator to take people DOWN to the lobby or travel to any where else in the building.

This would include going to do laundry or even just going up a few floors to visit Neighbour Chris

This is not a small building; 22 units on 24 floors, less on the pool deck and penthouse level of course.  You do the math but that is over 500 units in this building.

Elevator Lobby Crowd
This is what it looked like at my old apartment building.

Now what is unique is that since the installation of the first elevator; the LIGHTS on the panels when you call the elevator, DO NOT LIGHT UP! (what the fuck)

With the extended delays in only one elevator servicing 28 floors; this includes the 3 basement levels and they all the floors minus the penthouse and pool deck, and the button lighting up, this leads to a high level of anxiety among my neighbours.

I noticed something the other day about my waiting habits.

The button to call the elevator is on the SOUTH wall of the elevator banks.  2 elevators on the south side and 2 on the north side.

The only elevator that comes to my floor is on the north wall, (west side), so when I push the button the elevator is behind my right shoulder.

Yet, I never push the button and turn around. I push the button and stare at an unlit button and listen to a podcast or listen as the other new elevators whizz past my floor.

Are we trained to stare at the button panel?

Sometimes I can get thru the hourly new podcast from The CBC and close to 50% of the way through Big Fatty Online before the elevator arrives.

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