Pandemic Month 5 and 6

pandemic CONTINUES 

Sunday found us meeting again, we rolled up our sleeves, ate ketchup chips and delved into out responsibilities of saving the world from CODA.

We managed to redeem ourselves during a re-do of month #5, some dispute as to whether we missed a few steps did arise. Nothing confirmed or denied.

Month #6 was won with the use of effective planning and a swift dash of whit.

We also dipped out toes into the pool that is called, which; I had played many times on Saturday nights with Pride48 founder, Daniel Brewer & Pride48 friends.

I think, I’d like to think, that I carried the torch and infected my buds with the same bug I have for the collection of games.

I’m really looking forward to next month. Fingers crossed.

Thanks again to Craig, Dan and UrbanGuyTO for a great day!

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