SPELLING. Does it Count? A POLL

Does Spelling Matter on Gay Dating AppsI have asked about spelling on my other podcasts but I really have never taken a poll to see what you think.

Does spelling count?

6’1, 185#, GWM looking to meat similar for rowsing games of Go Fish, Running on the Beach and sex. Must be desceete.

Does it matter if the spelling is horrible through out the profile or just happens once in a while?

If you say that spelling does matter then do you take “auto-correct” into account?  [footnote]Stuff like ‘on’ instead of ‘in’ or ‘pink’ instead of ‘oink’? Oink being one of my favourite[/footnote]

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Often I think, speaking solely for me, I tend to lend my interpretation of spelling habits to being lazy. To lazy to correct their mistakes, too lazy to look for mistakes or just not knowing that they are making a spelling error. [footnote]Which confuses me even more because with technology screaming at you with red squiggly lines all the time, when you spell something wrong and offering suggestions on how to fix it[/footnote]

SPELLING IS HARDI have been prompted to ask this question about spelling again because recently I saw a posting, from a young gentleman, in his early 20s that posted to a bulletin board style setting, in order to introduce himself. Yet nearly every sentence had a error in it, if not 2.

He was really cute, looked very attractive in many ways but seeing all those errors [footnote]Yup there were grammar errors but I am over looking those for the sake of this post[/footnote] made me think; “nope that is not really him” as well as, “that dude is just too damn lazy.”

After you vote, would enjoy reading your feedback on the subject as well as any experiences you have had!

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