Toronto Rain


Monday the weather was absolute shit. I mean it was outright fucking ugly out there. The kind of day you just put another blanket on your bed and roll over.
Toronto Rain

We got up this morning around 04:00 in order to pick up Big Fatty and Granny at 05:00 to take them to the airport.

We had a freak thunderstorm that started sometime around 02:00; there was a lot of thunder with a lot of visible lightning.

In fact the over night security guard told me that the bridge right outside of the building was hit by lightning.

De-icing CYYZ

To make matters even more miserable it was pouring rain and it was very hard to see the road on our way to the airport.

Nonetheless we made it, unloaded Big Fatty and Granny and sent them on their merry way back home. Albeit it a little bit moist; such a great way to start off a journey.

UrbanGuyTO and I went to his storage locker to get his summer tires, today was the maintenance appointment for the car.

With ample time until the appointment we had time to each come home and rest. I walked into my apartment and crashed on the bed immediately.

However, I was woken by my heart racing way too fast and was not able to make the appointment with UrbanGuyTO. [footnote]I feel really bad about that as well as frustrated[/footnote]

StreetcarI was just completely exhausted from all the things we had done while Big Fatty & Granny were visiting.

We had adventures and activities every day and I’ve done more during this 5 day visit than I have in months, combined!

I made very good use of my Presto card while using the TTC, as well as my boots to ensure my feet didn’t fall off from over use…ya well something like that.

Took me pretty much all day, laying low and popping my magic pills [footnote]Diltiazem[/footnote] to finally get my heart rate back to normal.

Logo RDRRNot much else to say; I stayed in last night instead of going to the viewing of RuPaul’s Drag Race. 2 guys, of the group of us that hang out to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, are in Southeast Asia, one was sick, UrbanGuyTO was just as exhausted as I was…that pretty much settled it for me.

I will be watching later this afternoon to be sure I am ready to join the RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap team for the recording of episode 4, later this evening.

Make sure you tune in on Wednesday!



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