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Starbucks Customer Loyalty ProgramI have been thinking about this for a few days and I thought I would sound it out here.

I have been a customer of Starbucks for a long long long time. Honestly, I do not remember my first time. [footnote]Scandalous I know…[/footnote]

It was UrbanGuyTO that taught me about the loyalty program available and I got myself hooked up. I think what was more exciting was that I could use my phone to store my Starbucks card instead of having to add another card in my wallet.

Unfortunately, while I have been considering writing about my concerns with the loyalty program; Starbucks has enjoyed some controversy and lots of press when they announced that they are making changes to their customer loyalty program. Of course they put a creative and exciting spin on their promotion talking about HOW GREAT THIS WAS FOR US! [footnote]This really isn’t what I wanted to talk about [/footnote]

Starbucks App on Apple iOSEverybody is all upset that instead of requiring 30 stars a year to maintain your gold level, where as you got a star for a single purchase regardless of how much your purchase was or how many items you purchased.

Now you will be required to get 300 stars, getting 2 stars for every $1 you spend, in order to maintain your gold status.

I don’t think anyone did the math on that one. The other day I would have gotten 10 stars for one beverage; which is 3% of the goal for the year, just like I would have had on the last program.

This program balances out the opportunity rewarding all customers respectively…it is basically math people; deal with it! Spend lots get more perks, spend nothing and you’re out of luck.


Now to the real reason I wanted to write about Starbucks Customer Loyalty Program.

Dear, Starbucks

I began as a customer using the aforementioned loyalty program during the month of December. What year exactly, I do not remember. Nonetheless, December is the target here for me to ensure that I had my 30 stars achieved by in order to maintain my Gold Status.

December 2014 I achieved 30 stars, enjoying Gold Status for the 2015 year. Again by mid December 2015 I achieved another 30 stars and my Gold Status was extended until December 2016.

But here is where this all falls apart and I feel cheated. By about the second week in January 2016, so close to 4 weeks into my newly renewed Gold Status, I again received 30 stars through my various purchases and my Gold Status was again extended, until January 2017.

Wait, what was that? I achieved in 4 weeks what someone is required to do in a year, to have their status extended a year, but all I got was another month?

If 30 stars equals a years worth of gold status, I should be good until 2018 January at the most and December 2017 at the very least.

CalendarIf this program was really put together the start date, day the customer actually registers on Starbucks website with their card/loyalty account should be the milestone mark.

For the sake of my argument let us pretend my date is 15 December 2012. That is the date I registered and set up my account at Starbucks.ca.

That would give me until 14 December 2013 to achieve 30 stars to extend my account until 15 December 2013, but if I achieved 60 stars or any other multiple of that within that calendar year before 14 December 2013, would add another year of Gold Status, or should elevate to another status level. [footnote]Much like many other programs that have multi-tiered status[/footnote]

Regardless of the methodology for collecting starts, per visit versus dollars spent, once that goal is achieved that full reward and benefit should be offered; 12 months added to the start date of the account.

I hope this makes sense as I have explained it and I would really enjoy hearing back from Starbucks on this point.




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