Not a Preposition!I HAVE BEEN WAITING…

To see how long it would take someone to realise that a the word ‘the’ is not a preposition like I said during the phone call I made to Big Fatty Online, recently aired.

For those not familiar, I had called to ask why when Big Fatty refers to me I am “the turnipHed” whereas no one else gets an “article” in front of their name.

I exclude “The Fey Driver” from The Pink Wheel Nuts podcast, as that IS his name.

Big Fatty says that he refers to UrbanGuyTO and “THE UrbanGuyTO”, not 100% true.

He says it is a “title” he gives to his Canadians (Northern Mexicans); nonetheless I don’t have to wait any longer for someone to mention that “the” is not a ‘preposition’ but rather an ‘article’.

NOTE: I am assuming that is what this podcast is about – I might get burned here because I wrote this post and was waiting on it for a couple of days. I will listen tomorrow when I eat my Cheerios.

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