this is NOT A DRILL

01:30 and I am jolted awake by the sounds of the fire alarm.

“Fuck! Who is the fucking drunk idiot fucking around in the hallway?”

Shit! I smell smoke! I smell A LOT of smoke.

I jump up and there are billows of smoke coming up over my balcony and the wind is blowing the smoke into my open kitchen window.

Go close the kitchen window!

Went outside looked down over the balcony and saw smoke pouring out of the balcony two floors down.

Call 911 tell them there is a real fire and there is no false alarm. 

Gave details to operator and waited for instructions.

Fire trucks pull up.

Some woman yells down the hall that the fire is out.

Firemen knock on my door to see what I saw.

4 hot firemen are in my apartment.

Smells like campfire in here.

3 hours later I fall back asleep after clearing the smoke out of my apartment.

Happy days!

On a happy note my new fancy vacuum that I ordered from AirMiles was shipped this morning!

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