TOOTH HURTIE at thirteen thirty

I couldn’t take it any more. I had to get my tooth checked out. I was trying to hold out until Monday, since I would need cash to cover any of the extra charges that were not covered by my insurance plan.

TURNIPHED'S TEETHI called my dentist, gave a description of what was happening and how I was feeling and the financial situation I was in. They were happy to work with me to achieve desired results.


I went in, we did some x-rays and discovered that damage to my tooth is irreparable, the root is pretty much gone and there is significant bone loss as well, all topped off with some good old infection action going on.

Here is the kicker…

Due to my cardiac issues; dilated cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia (atrial flutter and fibrillation), wrapping up into Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), I can’t just have the procedure done at my dentist’s office. I have to go to an oral surgeon.

However last time I had to visit the oral surgeon to remove the molar I cracked; the part of the bill I was responsible for was close to $700, mainly because of all the extra equipment and methods they have to employ to keep me safe.

I am all about keeping me safe and alive; but why should it be so much extra money for me to pay because of a genetic defect I have?

That is a conversation for another day.

So what was really awesome out of this whole thing is that the team brainstormed for ideas on how to get me to proper medical attention I need; both safely and affordable.

I was really impressed and touched. I expect to hear back on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Would it be inappropriate or ironic to take in cupcakes to show my appreciation? What if I remind them to brush their teeth after they partake?

Failed #squirrelTS shot

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