Rainy City

tranquil ambiance RUINED

For close to 6 weeks I have been diligently using my Ambiance app while sleeping and for the most part it seems to be working and I am noticing an improvement in my sleep!

Rainy CityI mixed two sounds together and they loop all night and sound super realistic. You get to mix the sounds right in the app. It’s super easy.

I took a sound called “Rainy Night on a City Street” and mixed it with “Rain and Thunder 2.”

The app is running on my old iPhone, which serves as my bed side clock/music station, with the sound pumped through AirPlay to a set of speakers around the corner next to the bathroom.

This way it sounds like it’s outside. [tpic_pullquote align=”right”] It is very likely that using this app is also improving my mood because it makes me feel like summer is coming closer and closer and closer. [/tpic_pullquote]

However, this has not been the case tonight.

It was snowing yesterday afternoon, in the evening and apparently it was snowing overnight. It snowed more today and thus I have been woken up, a couple of times by the sound of snowplows.

So yeah ruined!

Aside from my bitching I really recommend you check out this Ambiance app it’s 100% worth it I have been using it for years!

I hope you enjoy the irony, then one of us will be.




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