Chechnya Genocide - Hunting Gay Men


PRIDE RUN 2017UrbanGuyTO (my best friend) and I are going to be taking part in the Pride and Remembrance Run again this year.

It’s our way to kick off Pride but also take pause to remember who we have lost, not just close at heart but those that are no longer with us that helped pave the way for what privileges we have today.

Caning in IndonesiaYet we still have a long way to go. Chechnya, Indonesia are definitely graphic and current but so is what is happening in Europe with the rise of anti-LGBTQ crimes being reported.

In the USA trans people are murdered and no one seems to care and when gay men are beaten the attackers are applauded.

There are 40 countries in the Commonwealth where being homosexual can lead to criminal prosecution up to death.

Speaking for myself I don’t want to be a news story because I’m a homosexual and I don’t want to read stories about others because they are gay, bi, lesbian, trans or queer. I want that to be a non-issue.

I want to read stories about people’s accomplishments regardless of their gender or who they sleep with or don’t sleep with.

Chechnya Genocide - Hunting Gay MenSo that’s why I am getting out there, no matter what and I am going to walk.

I walk for the people that have fallen. I walk for the people rising up and I walk for the people that are just a glint in the eye of the universe.

There are some amazing charities being supported this year by the fundraising behind the Pride & Remembrance Run and they will continue to work hard to improve the quality of life in everyone that they can touch.

If you have a couple extra bucks this month or even next (we can still accept support a couple weeks after we take part in the run) it would warm our hearts and feel like a really big hug as we get out there and our rubber to the road and sweat to make someone else’s life better.

Please visit if you have a couple minutes.

You can click on the link to donate there or look at some of the t-shirts we have that the profits made we donate to the run.

Have any questions just contact me.

Love ya—


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