Concord Grape Juice - Adulting


Concord Grape Juice - AdultingWE ALL REMEMBER SAYING IT AS KIDS…

When I grow up I am not making my bed or I won’t eat brussel sprouts. Well I usually make my bed and I won’t be caught dead eating brussel sprouts!

But a couple things hit me, a realization of sorts…

Firstly, there is a, standard or a status, not really sure what to call it, when it comes to growing up on your own, as an mini adult, with respect to; toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels and napkins. Where you sit on this scale can either represent your finances, frugality or standards you have set for yourself.

You always buy toilet paper and you pretty much always buy paper towels and these can serve two purposes. Toilet paper can also be facial tissue and paper towel can be a napkin. But when you are really fancy or doing really well you buy all 4 and use them for their exact purpose.

Here is “when I grow up” really came into play for me today; I have decided that even though it is more expensive than other juices, Concorde Grape is my favourite and I will not deny myself it any more.

When I was a kid if we had Concorde Grape in the fridge, we were only allowed to have a small glass of it. Like those baby juice glasses you got at restaurants. So that the juice would last longer. (I never figured that out) I would say, “when I grow up I will drink as much of it as I want!”

Well I have applied that to MILK – I will go through at least 8 litres a week and I will buy more if I need it. But this past weekend I bought a jug of REAL Concorde Grape juice and if I want to drink out of a coffee mug or a pint glass. That is exactly what I am going to fucking do! But I still don’t consider myself a grown up. Probably never will!

I remember the day I was finally making money that I could buy facial tissues and not have to hum and haw about it and figure out what I was going to give up. I felt like I was actually moving in the right direction and accomplishing something.

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