eggs, bacon on a bed of tater tots drizzled with maple syrup


Well I have a massive bag of tater tots in my freezer that need to be eaten up and today for breakfast I thought I would visit an old favourite I used to eat at Chez Cora when I lived in Québec or visited Nouveau Brunswick.

The dishes were called cassolettes. There was a variety of them, a mini breakfast casserole basically. My favourite was served with a bed of home potatoes, perfectly seasoned, poached eggs, breakfast sausage and topped with hollandaise sause. Pure sin!

I didn’t have all of that but I did have eggs, bacon and maple syrup…so I give you my whipped up version of a cassolette. (Oh I was seriously tempted to make hollandaise)

So on a bed of crispy tater tots I placed to basted eggs, with runny yolk, which is needed for this breakfast, and some fresh baked bacon bits with as much fat trimmed off as possible, drizzled with some warm maple syrup!


Just some thoughts here; regardless if you add hollandaise you use a soft cooked egg, you will want your tater tots a little crispier, to balance everything out. You don’t want a sloppy mess for breakfast.

Bonne appétit!