Well it is official. I have officially jumped ship from Apple and I have moved over to Samsung. Well not right yet, I just got off the phone from ordering my new Samsung Galaxy S8+.

I was presented with a loyalty plan that was too good to pass up plus the chance to upgrade my phone. For a while I have been very unhappy with my iPhone 7S and had come to the conclusion that this would be my last Apple product for the foreseeable future. I have stopped using my AppleTV and now use Roku on one TV and Google Chromecast on the other tv, running all my viewing thru either the Netflix app, TV station apps or PLEX Media Server.

I still faithfully use my iPad for working on my podcast but that is pretty much the only reason I use it now; since an anonymous person purchased me a Kindle Fire for my birthday. Now I do all my book reading on there and since have greatly increased the number of books I have read.

I am super excited to explore the possibilities that Android offers me, especially with my Google Home & Mini, Chromecast, Roku, LIFX products and of course IFTTT.

Fingers crossed it is a good experience.

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