Premiering What’s the Skinny

Welcome to the premiere episode of “What’s the Skinny” with Richard and Jay. Let them eat cake.

We delve into the current hot chatter about the SCOTUS and the Colorado Wedding Cake and the lovely hardware store owner that say’s gays aren’t allowed in his store.

Ask yourself do you really want to eat a cake baked by someone that has been forced to make it for you? Sure go ahead and take a bite…I dare ya!

Then would you really trust some one to give you hardware or building advice that can’t even design a t-shirt properly. Or, has a weak grasp of grammar and really is probably getting more gay sex, down at the truck-stop, than all of us put together?

Jeff Amyx, a hardware store owner from Tennessee, displayed his stance on homosexuality by declaring gay people were not welcome in his store
Jeff Amyx, a hardware store owner who is also a Baptist minister, caught everyone’s attention by putting a sign on his store’s front door

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Show art photo shamelessly stolen from the Twitter feed of Jeffrey Luscombe, thank you Jeffrey you are awesome!

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