Pool Water


Sun Tanning on UrbanGuyTO balconyWhat is The Pool Is Closed all about and where did it come from?

turnipHed has been blogging for 10 years over at turnipStyle; which started out as a personal journal and then evolved into an editorial style project with a podcast included in the mix; covering subjects like Underwear, Swimwear and other Gear reviews, LGBTQ Lifestyle, Sexuality and Politics.

The Pool Is Closed is a return to a personal journal style project for turnipHed.

The Pool Is Closed will include media in text, audio, video and photo formats.

I can hear you asking, “Why the title?”

naked bum swimFunny story, when turnipHed moved into his new apartment building in December 2013 he was promised the pool in the building would be open shortly after the new year.

18 months later it finally opened.

Since turnipHed’s arrival at the new apartment, on top of the pool closure, there have been numerous other “set backs” or perhaps “hiccups” along the way.

A month without elevator service and continual false fire alarms are just a couple moments that brought flare to the living experience.

So there is a bit of sarcasm there, some animosity yet it still remains a good location.

turnipHed may seem like the “non committed” type but all it takes is the right person and he”ll have no problem settling down; he’s witty and has a comeback fro everything; he definitely has his ways of doing things and may get irritated if that’s compromised; he tries hard to cover up his emotions but hates being ignored; he’s outgoing and a bit of a flirt

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