• This Children’s Book Aims To Give Black Queer Boys A Voice Wednesday | 23 September 2015“Seeing yourself creates possibilities for yourself in your head, and not seeing yourself creates a question of worthiness.” Myles E. Johnson, a 24-year-old Atlanta resident, is aiming to change the way black queer boys are represented in literature with his new children’s book, Large Fears. Photo courtesy of Kendrick Daye The book is about a […]
  • These Bisexual People Are Taking Selfies To Celebrate #BiVisibilityDay Wednesday | 23 September 2015“Look at me! I’m visible!” Ever since the Stonewall rebellion, the gay and lesbian community has grown in strength and visibility. The bisexual community also has grown in strength but in many ways we are still invisible. I too have been conditioned by society to automatically label a couple walking hand in hand as either […]
  • An Anti-Gay Preacher Got Shut Down By A Boy Playing His Bagpipes Wednesday | 23 September 2015Someone’s being inducted into the Scottish Hero Hall of Fame. Lachie Blair was going about his day when he noticed an extremist preacher shouting his anti-gay sermon on the street. He started recording the incident, but ended up catching an amazing little Scottish hero step in and save the day. The audio […]
  • 8 Ways To Use Bi Invisibility To Your Advantage Wednesday | 23 September 2015With total erasure comes great responsibility. Being completely invisible is a simple fact of life that most bisexual people have grown accustomed to. You can’t spell “invisible” without “bi.” Warner Bros. Destined to be lumped in with Santa, the Easter Bunny, and elves — bisexual folks are nearly mythical. But what should you do with […]
  • Meet The Nun Who Battled One Pope Over LGBT Ministry And Now Welcomes Another Wednesday | 23 September 2015Sister Jeannine Gramick and Francis DeBernardo of New Ways Ministry at the Vatican in February. Giampiero Sposito / Reuters Sister Jeannine Gramick will be among the guests at a White House reception to welcome Pope Francis on Wednesday, an unexpected position for a woman who spent almost three decades fighting Vatican efforts to shut down […]
  • Hillary Clinton To Address Nation’s Largest LGBT Rights Group In October Tuesday | 22 September 2015As the Human Rights Campaign ramps up its 2016 campaign efforts, the former secretary of state will speak to its board on Oct. 3, the group announced on Tuesday. Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton will be addressing the staff, board, and volunteer leaders of the Human Rights Campaign, the […]
  • Director Roland Emmerich Discusses “Stonewall” Controversy Tuesday | 22 September 2015Jeremy Irvine throws the riot’s first brick. Philippe Bosse I met director Roland Emmerich at the historic Stonewall Inn where, in 1969, a band of queer and trans street hustlers once rioted for justice. More than 40 years later, Emmerich has attempted to immortalize those riots, which are widely considered a watershed moment for the […]
  • Transgender Woman Detained At Airport Slams Latest Claims From TSA Tuesday | 22 September 2015Shadi Petosky on Twitter / Via Twitter: @shadipetosky A transgender woman who says TSA agents called her a man and held her for a lengthy security inspection due to her genitals at the Orlando airport on Monday — missing her flight as a result — is pushing back against the agency’s announcement that its officers […]
  • Ruby Rose Is Not Happy At All About These Revealing Photos Being Published Tuesday | 22 September 2015“Hashtag absolute morons.” But when Ruby came across the article she was not happy at all about one particular image being released into the world. She wrote: I am pro “free the nipple” so when I was tagged in this photo by fans I wasn’t sure where it came from but I assumed a […]
  • 16 Ways To Totally Own Bisexual Visibility Week Tuesday | 22 September 2015Get ready for the pink, purple, and blue. From September 21st to the 27th it’s #BiWeek, AKA possibly the best week of the entire year. An entire week dedicated to spreading the acceptance of bisexual people and celebrating bisexual pride? Yes, please. And Wednesday, September 23 (the best hump day of the year) is the […]